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Suger Creek Crawfordville Gauge

  • October 05, 2021 4:23 PM
    Message # 11142873
    Jeff Stejskal (Administrator)

    Sugar Creek Gage Information

    Per earlier posts, the Crawfordsville USGS gage (3339500) is now dead, as it was just upstream of a dam that has been removed.

    Fortunately, there is another gage on Sugar Creek 16.9 miles upstream - the Thornton gage (USGS 3339305) - which was installed not quite 2 years ago.

    Comparing historical data yields an equation that can be used to predict an approximate Crawfordsville gage reading from the Thornton gage reading.

    Crawfordsville cfs = (Thornton cfs x 1.63) + 14

    this provides a good approximation for anyone who used the Crawfordsville gage for paddling decisions.

    For Reference Old Gauge levels

    2 ft (normal river level) = about 401 cfs

    3 ft (rental cutoff ) = about   1,470 cfs 

    3.5 ft =  about 2,290 cfs


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