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Hoosier Canoe & Kayak Club

  • Kayak Rescue Techniques
    Emptying a Recreation Kayak -

  • Seven Safety Tips for Hoosier Paddlers,  An article written by Jordan Ross in 2010 for the HCKC Safety Outreach Committee emphasizing 7 things that you can do to be safer on the water.
  • Wear your Life Jacket According to recent U.S. Coast Guard statistics, drowning was the reported cause of death in over 80% of all boating fatalities in 2021. Of those, 83% were reported as not wearing their life jackets.   Wearing your life jacket is cheap insurance.  
  • Cold Weather Paddling
  • Hypothermia Boot Camp - A discussion of Hypothermia symptoms
    Paddling in the Cold Months, Article by Garry Hill on on precautions to take while paddling flatwater in cold weather from Feb. 2008  newsletter.
    Cold Water Paddling, Article by Jim Sprandel on the risks of cold water paddling and how to prepare for them from the February 2011 newsletter.
  • Low-Head Dams
    Indiana DNR Low-Head Dam Awareness, Click on the Low-Head Dams in Indiana Box to see an interactive map of Low-Head Dams in Indiana.
    WFYI Video on Low-Head Dams
     Over, Under, Gone: The Killer in Our Rivers,  30-minute video on Low-Head Dam deaths in Indiana
    Brigham Young University Video - Fatal Currents - Low Head Dam Presentation, Technical presentation on the danger of low-head dams and design approaches to mitigate their danger when replacing dams.
  • Low Head Dam Safety  Explains the danger of low-head dams and how to avoid them.  By ACA and Illinois Paddlers Council

  • Lightning Safety -  Remember the 30-30 Rule.  If the time from when you see the lightning flash to when you hear it is less than 30 seconds, immediately get off the water and seek shelter.   Do not venture out again until 30 minutes after the last thunder you hear.  
  • Canoe and Kayak Safety Series - A series of safety topics for new paddlers.
  • - A series of articles by industry experts for new and experienced paddlers .  Covers equipment, navigation and safety, camping, and boat maintenance/storage
  HCKC Don't Croak on the River Literature
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- Pamphlet  (PDF) 

 ACA Safety/Paddling Brochures and Posters
  • ACA Resources Page - A web page listing ACA educational resources including videos, online courses, and printed materials.
  • Paddling 101  -  "A Newcomer's Guide to Safe Canoeing and Kayaking", ACA, 8 pages.
  • Beginner's Guide -   The Basics of Paddlesport - Tips on getting started, choosing the right boat, safety 101,  strokes you need to know, how to camp, resources, schools and more! (17 pages), ACA
  • Winners Always Wear Life Jackets - Poster promoting use of Life Jackets, ACA
  • Wear It! Life Jackets Matter - Brochure about the importance of wearing life jackets, ACA .
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