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Hoosier Canoe & Kayak Club

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The Hoosier Canoe & Kayak Club is based out of Indianapolis, but many of our members are from all over Indiana.

If you have any questions, and would like to reach out to the Hoosier Canoe & Kayak Club, contact us and let us know.  A member will get back to you shortly.

President (Skipper)      Dave Ellis  Send Message
Vice Pres. (Ex. Officer)  Tim Owens  Send Message
Treasurer (Purser)         Kaleena Wright  Send Message
Secretary (Yeoman)      Lauralee Hites  Send Message

Whitewater             John Gates 

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Sea Kayak                Linda Decker
                               Tony Pascuzzi
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Canoe and Kayak    Judy Thompson  Send Message
Pool                         Toni Harris  Send Message 

Hoosier Canoe & Kayak Club

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