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SOLD - 2 Sea Kayaks (P&H Capellas) for Sale - $900

  • May 08, 2020 9:37 PM
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    Deleted user

    For Sale ------- 2 P&H Kayaks for $900
    Kayak 1 - P&H Capella model 160
    Kayak 2 - P&H Capella model 166 (16'4")

    Anyone interested can look them up on the web . They are in great shape and have hardly been used. The rubber hatches are in good shape. There are a few pictures  below of the boats and what comes with them. This includes paddles, skirts, and 2 types of life vests.
    Note:  The kayak dolly and spray jacket in the picture below do not come with the boats.

    The price is $900 for everything. I cannot paddle a kayak any longer and have changed to a solo canoe. I would like to see these boats go to someone who will use them.

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