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Hoosier Canoe & Kayak Club

NON-HCKC April Fool's (Big Pine Creek)

  • April 06, 2024
  • Big Pine Creek near Rainsville, IN


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Muskrat's Wildcat Creek Expeditions

 Newsletter.......Chapter 1508.......April 5th 2024

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Please forward this to all Hoosier Canoe Club

and Nick's Boater Group Members.......

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April Fools Last Minute Update


Hey Wildcat Paddlers,

    We are going to have a Very Nice Flow Level for the April Fools Trip tomorrow.  The Chuck Weis Gauge (picture below) was bouncing between 6" & 9" when I took the picture at about 12:45-PM today.  The Pine Village Station was reading 402-cfs at that moment.


    By the time we Launch Tomorrow, the Chuck Weis Gauge should be down to near "0".  That will be "Just Enough" for some of us to Sneak Thru Rocky Ford, but getting Stuck can still be an issue. 

    For those who want to run the Class-II Section of Rocky Ford at its Lowest Comfortable Flow, we will Launch at the Rainsville Bridge Right-Of-Way Access.

    For those who don't want to run Rocky Ford, we can Launch at Harrison Trail Bridge.  DS of Rocky Ford, "0" Flow is about "Perfect".

    I am looking at Twin Bridges as our Takeout for this Year.  That creates rather Short Trip Options, but the longer Trips end at the Attica Public Access Site on the Wabash River.  That Site was Completely Under Water this Afternoon (picture below).  The Covington Gauging Station, the nearest to Attica, was Still Going Up.

    We will discuss all the Trip Options when we Gather in Pine Village at 10AM Tomorrow Morning........

Rainsville Bridge to Twin Bridges.......7.5-miles

Harrison Trail Bridge to Twin Bridges.......4.6-miles

Rainsville Bridge to Attica PAS.......16.2-miles

Harrison Trail Bridge to Attica PAS.......13.3-miles

Twin Bridges to Attica PAS.......8.7-miles







        The basic details for my April Fools Trip are provided down below, copied from the original Trip Announcement.  


"Muskrat's 47th Annual April Fools

On Big Pine Creek Cruise"

will be held Saturday April 6th 2024


Meeting Time is 10:00-AM (Eastern Standard Time)

at our Traditional Meeting Location, 

in Downtown Pine Village (Directions Below).  

Please, Don't go to A Launch Site !!!

Go to Pine Village !!! 

The Putin will not be Announced until we Meet

in Pine Village.  There are Several Possibilities,

with the selection based on Water Levels.


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Directions to Pine Village:

     Muskrat has decided to eliminate the two Early Meeting Locations again this year.  Like all of our other Normal Trips, we will just have the one Meeting Location, which is in Downtown Pine Village, Indiana.......

 Downtown Pine Village.......
    Indiana Atlas & Gazetteer Page 30-31, in the Town of  Pine Village, at the junction of SR-26 & SR-55, 17-miles west of West Lafayette on 26, or 12-miles North of Attica on 55.   

However, there is a Traffic Problem on SR-26 west of Lafayette that I wanted to share ahead of time.  Construction is causing some Total Traffic Blocks on 26.   You Might be able to drive thru on the Weekend,  but Probably NOT.  And, the County Roads you would use for a Local ByPass are mostly Gravel Roads.

Here is an option....Leave Lafayette on US-52 West.  About 10-miles after passing a junction with US-231, you will start to see Wind Turbins up ahead.  Turn LEFT onto SR-352 and go into Oxford.  In downtown Oxford, switch over to SR-55 South.  Follow SR-55 South to Pine Village.  When You get to the next Stop Sign, You will be at our Meeting Location.

If arriving from the South, you could avoid Lafayette and head west to Attica. Then, you can connect to SR-55 just North of the Wabash River.  When You get to the next Stop Sign, You will be at our Meeting Location.


Park anywhere Downtown.

Expect to see Paddler-People

wandering around in the Middle of the Highway.

The Locals just ignore Us.

They know we're Harmless,

and that we'll soon be Gone.

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        If you're interested in attending this Cruise, but have concerns about Your Abilities or Equipment (Stream conditions??, type of Boat?? spray skirts?? helmets?? float bags??), please feel free to contact Me.  Muskrat's complete Contact info is available at the end of this Trip Announcement.           

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The Launch Site, however, 

will not be announced 

until we meet in Pine Village,

On Saturday April 6th. 






See You On The River,

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Snail-Mail to 1021 Eastcrest Drive, Greentown, IN 46936-1612

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