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Raccoon Lake Paddle

  • June 26, 2022
  • Cecil Harden Lake, near Rockville

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This trip will be in the headwaters of Cecil M. Harden Lake, otherwise known as Raccoon Lake.  The area is fairly well sheltered, and in an idle only zone.  Beginners welcome!   It should be appropriate for paddlers of all skill levels.  We will be taking a little more leisurely, exploratory approach, and hopefully have a lot of fun.  Meet at the Portland Mills ramp at 10:00.  We will unload and launch from there.  We will stop for lunch somewhere along the way.  Be aware it will likely be somewhat muddy.  We will be returning to Portland Mills.  Those that wish to leave early can take out then.  The rest of us will head out into the more open part of the lake, still in the idle zone.  We will return when done to Portland Mills, so no shuttling of vehicles required.

Heading west on US 36, look for a sign for HUGE selection, then a sign at a Mini-Ranch.  Take the next road to the right, CR 880W.  There is a sign for Portland Mills ramp at that intersection, but it is rather small.  If you come to a bridge over the lake while on US 36, you went too far.  You need a DNR permit for your boat.  If you do not have one, you can get the $5 sticker at Raccoon Lake SRA gate office, which is only a short distance down US 36 west of the Portland Mills turnoff, over the bridge and up the hill.  Don’t pay the entrance fee to the SRA; just tell them you wish to get a non-motorized DNR permit, and then you will be turning around and leaving.

Be sure to bring lunch or a snack, plenty of drinking water, hat and/or sunscreen, in addition to your normal paddling gear.  As with all HCKC trips, PFDs must be worn while on the water.

Due to the weather, there may be last minute changes.  Please register or contact me Judy Thompson judy_thom@hotmail.com if you plan on attending.

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