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(Canceled) Big Pine April Fool's (non-HCKC event)

  • April 04, 2020
  • Big Pine, near Pine Village, IN



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Newsletter.......Chapter 1227.......April 3rd 2020

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April Fools Last Minute Update  


    If there is one thing in life that Muskrat hates to do, it is to

cancel a Paddling Trip.......any Trip, to anywhere.  To announce the

cancellation of his April Fools on Big Pine Creek, is just Heart Breaking.

But for the moment, that's the way Life is for our whole Country.


    I usually spend the last day before the April Fools Trip (today)

driving up and down Big Pine Creek.  I stop to visit the landowners

at all the various access locations, and the folks who work the businesses

in Pine Village.  I stop to take pictures at the Chuck Weis Gauge,

Rocky Ford, High Bridge, Twin Bridges, and when I see Wild Turkeys.

I study the water level, and debate the many possible alterations

that can be made for the Launch Sites and Takeouts.  Then I head home

and prep this Final Update.


    None of that happened this year.  I did not make my lonesome Trip

to visit our lovely Big Pine.  There was no need to study the flow gauges,

no need to ponder about the dangers of high flow situations,

no need to warn myself against Laughing when folks get stuck

in the Riffles when the Creek is Dry & Boney.  I just stayed at home,

worked in the yard & garden, and got ready to cook Chicken on the fire.


The Chuck Weis Gauge on my FridayTrip in 2016


    However, I did want to take a moment to send this Final Update to

those who are going to miss this event as much as Muskrat does.


    Muskrat still plans to make his annual visit to Big Pine Creek,

but is going to do it Tomorrow.......on the actual day of the Trip.

I will be visiting all the usual places, especially chatting with the

Landowners who always provide the logistics we need.  No doubt I

will be taking a hike along Rocky Ford, thru the trails at the Potholes,

and enjoying the music of the water flowing thru the "S-Turn Rapid".

But no Paddling or Shuttles with our usual group of Buddies.


But......What About Next Year ???


    Muskrat's April Fools on Big Pine is already being planned for next year.

The Plan will be the same as it always has been.  The April Fools Trip

will always be held on the First Weekend Day of April that is not a part

of the Easter Holiday Weekend.  I took a moment to updatesome details

from the Trip announcement that went out several weeks ago.

Please read the details down below.......but Remember.......


This Is For NEXT YEAR !!!






    The basic location and time details for the April Fools Trip are provided down below.  Please read them, and select the best place for you to meet with the group.  Feel free to call me tonight after 7:00 PM if you need anymore updates or information.  My complete contact information is at the bottom of this Newsletter, along with the link to the new Big Pine Creek @ Pine Village Gauging Station.





"Muskrat's 44th Annual April Fools On Big Pine Cruise"

will be held Saturday April 11th 2021.

Meeting time is 9:30 AM

at our traditional gathering location, in downtown Pine Village.  

Please, Don't go to the Putin!

Go to Pine Village!!! 

Sometimes we don't know where the Putin will be

until we meet in Pine Village.  There are several possibilities,

with the selection based on water levels.







If you're interested in attending this Cruise NEXT YEAR,

but have concerns about your abilities or equipment

(type of Boat?? spray skirts?? helmets?? float bags??),

please feel free to contact me NEXT YEAR.



Complete contact info

is available at the end of this Trip Announcement.

        John...Terry...and Eddy Will Be There Next Year








See You On The River,

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765-628-3155 home

765-432-6782 mobile

Snail-Mail to 1021 Eastcrest Drive, Greentown, IN 46936-1612

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