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FW/WW: Beginner Trip to Smoky Mtns, NC w/Roger Starring

  • April 26, 2019
  • April 29, 2019
  • Asheville, NC
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  • PFD Required, Spray Skirt, Helmet Strongly recommended (please reach out to Roger to go over what equipment you have)

Registration is closed

PLEASE CONTACT ROGER FOR REGISTRATION CODE (his contact information is below).  Cost shown for registration is worst case...could be less if the cabin completely fills up (but they always do).  Payment should go directly to Roger.

This is a trip intended for those who have been curious about all us folks who head south to paddle the whitewater. You feel like you don't have the right experience or the right gear to go on those trips; but you want to. Sniff, sniff, Boo Hoo... Well this trip is intended for you. We will explore some of the beautiful mountain streams in that area that will challenge you a bit, shouldn't scare you, and will give you an entry level taste of what this whitewater paddling stuff is about. You might take a swim, but you won't be risking your life. You will definitely get wet!

We will stick to easy Class 2 river sections. Clear lines with some waves. There may be some Class 3 features in places, but we can avoid them (or maybe not....heh, heh). In any event, it makes for some beautiful photos. Most of the sections will be 4-6 miles and will only take a few hours. We'll make selections based upon the skill of the weakest paddler and the interest of the group. The intent is to introduce you to a new experience with a minimum of anxiety.

The rivers in the area I am considering would be:

Lower Pigeon, Lower Green, Easy sections of the Nantahala, Tuckaseegee Gorge, Little Tennessee. Also, we don't HAVE to paddle every day if the group would prefer to spend a day exploring the area (and it is definitely worth exploring).

Actual whitewater boats and gear are not required for this trip. But a boat closer to WW is better than one that is strictly a recreational kayak. Crossover types are good (e.g. Jackson Rogue); Pungo's - not so good. 10-11 feet long (or shorter) is a much better choice.

A skirt is recommended, but not required. If you don't have one you will be wet all the time and dumping a lot. Also, the water will be somewhat chilly - but not freezing. So you should plan for that. We don't stop and change clothes every time we get soaked.

A helmet is also a really good idea. A hockey helmet will do the job if you don't have one.  PFDs are strictly required as this is a club policy

Flotation bags are also a good idea. It makes rescueing your boat so much easier if you swim.

I have rented a beautiful cabin in the Smoky Mountains near Asheville for three nights (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights). It has a deck, hot tub, showers, fireplace, pool table, cable TV, and a full kitchen.

So we can make our own meals (optional - you can go out if you want to), which keeps the cost down tremendously. $10/day/person is usually more than enough for food - and we will be eating very well. I'll take care of the food planning, and groceries. I only ask for a little help preparing it when needed to speed things along. If 8 people commit to this trip the cost for the cabin and food will be about $135 ($45/day/person). If only 6 people commit (the minimum), it will be $168 ($56/day/person). Ride sharing will further reduce the costs.

I will need commitments before March 27. That is the last day that I can cancel the cabin reservation without penalty. Once the trip has been confirmed as 'ON', payments will be expected within the next couple of weeks. If you need to cancel later, you be expected to pay your share unless someone else can take your place.

This trip is open to 8 people total, 2 have committed as of 3/14. It is also being posted on other club websites. I will post in the comments when it is full and closed. If you are interested, DO NOT wait. The last trip like this that I organized filled in three days. You Snooze = You Lose

Email or call me if you have concerns about you abilities or equipment, or just have questions: (231) 375-7574 or rlstarr@charter.net

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