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ALL: 4th of July Trip on the Youghiogheny

  • June 30, 2018
  • July 04, 2018
  • Ohiopyle, PA


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Trip:  Week of Paddling in the Ohiopyle, PA Area (Youghiogheny, Savage, Big Sandy, Tygart, Stoney, etc)

Trip Sponsors:  John Gates (207) 522-0259, Toni Harris (317) 319-7534, and Shirley Gates (317) 306-6383

Date:  30 June – 04 July 2018 (some may be staying the rest of the week to the following weekend or any combination in between!)

Location of Base Camp:  Tall Oakes Campground, Lower Pavilion, 544 Camp Riamo Rd, Farmington, PA 15437   (724) 329-4777

Paddler level:  EVERYONE including YOUR family!!!!!!

        The plan is to put together several trips based on skill levels from Touring Kayaking to Hardcore Whitewater.  This will also be based on water levels from natural flows to dam releases.  For example, the Savage River will be releasing on 01 July which does not run very often.  It is a class IV river.  The Upper Yough is a class V river and it is releasing on 30 June, 02, 06 - 07 July.  The Lower and Middle Yough Rivers releases every day.  Depending on water levels other rivers in the area will open up like the Cheat, the Big Sandy, the Tygart River (Valley falls), and Stoney to name a few.  There is also touring kayaking available at nearby Deep Creek Lake.  My plan is to have a meeting each morning and set up trips going to different rivers based on the skill level of the group.  We will have a raft and a shredder so there will be opportunities for paddlers who do not have the skill level to paddle the Lower and Middle Yough and Savage River.  Also I would like to conduct a skills seminar 04 – 05 July 2018 focusing on boat handling and rescue skills.

Pets:  Due to being the 4th of July and warm weather in western PA, it is not recommended you bring them because no one will be there to watch them or take care of them in camp while you are out paddling.  Also this is a family trip and there will be several children around so there will be lots of kids running around

July 3rd Dinner:  The Gates Family will be sponsoring a hamburger and hotdog dinner with all the fixings for everyone who comes and camps and paddles with us.  We just ask for donations to cover the cost of the food. 

Meals:  John will be cooking breakfast and dinner each day that we’re there at Tall Oaks.  If you want to eat with us the cost per day is $15.00 per person for both meals.  If you’ve ever attended a Gates event in the past, you won’t go away hungry and you better bring your running shoes or you will gain 5 lbs while you are there!

29 June – 08 July:

29 June:  The Lower Pavilion has been reserved for the Hoosier Canoe Club (HCC).  If you do not want to stay around the Pavilion, please let me know and I can reserve the big campsite in the back of Tall Oaks.

30 June: I will be arriving early on 30 June and setting up the HCC Base Camp at the Lower Pavilion at Tall Oaks Campground.   I will be leading a trip on the Loop Section of the Lower Yough that afternoon/ evening to cool off from sitting up camp.  The Lower, Middle, and Upper Youghs will be running with releases, so if anyone would like to lead a trip on either of those three rivers please let me know.

01 July:  The Savage will be releasing so I will be leading a trip to it.  The Lower and Middle Yough will also be releasing so if you don’t want to paddle in the cold water of the Savage those two rivers will also be available.

02 July:  The Upper Yough will be releasing so I will be paddling it but the Middle and Lower Yough will be releasing.

03 July:  The Middle and Lower Yough will be releasing.

04 July:  If there is interested I would like to do a Boat Handling Skills and Rescue Skills Seminar.  Please let me know if anyone is interested.  The Middle and Lower Yough will be releasing.

06 – 07 July:  The Upper, the Middle and Lower Yough will be releasing.

08 July:  The Middle and Lower Yough will be releasing.

Other activities: 

  • ·         John will be running every morning so if you want to get some running in there will be an opportunity to go for a nice run before breakfast. 
  • ·         I’m hoping Ken Jordan will be able to come and lead us in Yoga Classes every morning if not Momma Gates will be conducting “Yogurt” Classes every morning  
  • ·         If you desire only to relax and enjoy the sun, the rocks along the Loop Section of the Yough are waiting… 
  • ·         There are miles of beautifully converted rail trails for riding your bike – if you don’t wish to bring yours along there are bike rentals available nearby in Ohiopyle. 
  • ·         Momma Gates will be leading a trip to go see Architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic Fallingwater one of the days we are there. http://www.fallingwater.org/ .   She will also be visiting Fort Necessity.  Both are very short distance from camp
  • ·         Momma Gates will be conducting arts and crafts classes during the day so if you want to relax in the camp and paint something it will be available.
  • ·         Jordan Ross will be hosting the 1st Annual “Kayak-Hole” Tournament (Date TBD), rumor is several bottles of “Magic Water” and a few other prizes will be offered.

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