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Ancient History

March 10, 2024 2:39 PM | Dave Ellis (Administrator)

The CLUB has a trip scheduled April 8TH to coincide with a solar eclipse. We've done this before.  Way back in March 1970 Cindy and I sponsored our first HCKC trip - about 6 months after we joined the club.  Below are the trip announcement for that trip. The after-trip write-up. And maybe a few photos from that event --- if i can figure out how to include them here..

                       HOOSIER CLUB CLUB  MARCH 1970 TRIPS

DATE:                              Saturday, March 7, 1970

ROUTE:   Brownstown Covered Bridge to g. R. 235 Bridge near Medora (approximately 10 miles)

STARTING: 11:00 A.M. cars will be left on the road            

approaching the closed covered bridge at Brownstown.

SPONSORS: Dave and Cindy Ellis

DIRECTIONS: I 65 south to US 50. US 50 west to S.R.35

in Brownstown, S.R. 35 through Brownstown, across (West, Left) RR, to Closed Covered Bridge.


Unnamed Stream (UNS), US 50 concrete bridge., Hough

Creek, UNS, UNS, UNS, county road steel bridge, Wayman Ditch, UNS, Baltimore and Ohio RR Bridge, McMillan Ditch, UNS, S.R. 235 steel bridge.

SUGGESTED EQUIPMENT: Canoe & paddles, Change of clothes, thermos of coffee & a light snack.

NOTIFICATION: Please notify the trip sponsors, Tel. 253-5709, or the Yeoman 786-5394, the week of March 2nd you plan to attend.

CAMPING FACILITIES: Jackson County State Forest and Starve Hollow State Recreation Area.


I could imagine a foot of snow, a frozen river, and two sets of thermal underwear when Dave told mwe wore going to sponsor a float trip the first weekend of March. But on the 7th, with the sun bright in a hazy sky and the anticipation of watching a solar eclipse from the river, 11 canoes and 3 kayaks embarked in two groups on the East Fork of the White River from the old, unused covered bridge outside Brownstown, Indiana. In about three hours we put out at the covered bridge outside Medora.

The river was up considerably due to the heavy rains earlier in the week and had overflowed its banks. Each group decided there was only one possible place to pull over for lunch, but since we ate in two different places, there were probably more. Tho low woodlands along the shore were swampy and a myriad of northerly-migrating ducks flapped out of inundated corn fields at our approach, obviously unhappy at being disturbed at their feeding. The water also neatly covered many protruding. Limbs and branches, much to the DeBoys consternation as they started their swimming season a bit early. Afire at lunch time and dry clothes must have bolstered their spirits, for they were smiling when I saw them at the end.

 of their trip. So was Chuck Conklin, who had his ' shiny new kayak out for the first time and did an admirable job of staying upright the whole trip.

We enjoyed planning this trip, hope everyone had fun, and thank the Raineys, Tilestons and Flexmans for leading and sweeping for us

P.S. those on the trip were the Andersons, Annises, Citrons, Chuck Conklin, Ellises, Flexmans Fredericks, Lankfords Mackisons, Jim Parnell, Raineys Tilestons DeBoys , 3 guest.

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