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My FLICKR albums

February 09, 2024 4:16 PM | Dave Ellis (Administrator)

Some of the newer Board members had no concept of our Pirate Paddle/Party that we've done a few times in past years.  We're considering the possibility of doing something like that this fall or in some future year.  for the newbies benefit I said that I would post to my Pirate Albums so they could see what they are like.  while collecting links, i just got all HCKC albums for you amusement. (You REALLY don't want to binge watch these.)

Pirate Cruise 2009
Pirate Party 2009
Pirate Cruise 2012
Pirate Party 2012
Pirate Cruise 2014
Pirate Party 2014
Pirate Cruise 2016
Pirate Party 2016
Pirate Cruise 2018
Apostles 2010
Apostles 2011
Apostles 2012
Apostles 2014
Apostles 2015
Apostles 2017
Apostles 2018
Beaufort NC 2014
Beaufort NC 2014 by Earl King
Beaufort NC 2014 by Louganski
Beaufort NC 2015
Swansboro 2023
Charleston 2017
Charlston SC 2016
Chesapeak 2017
Chesapeak 2022
Door County 2021
Greyson 2012
Greyson 2016
Manitou 2010
Manitou 2011
Sleeping Bear 2017
Pictured Rocks 2011
Pictured Rocks 2019
Beaver Island 2019
Buffalo 2016
Eagle Ck Introduction to Paddling 6/21, FWD stroke videos
Florida Kays 2013
Fontana Lake 2016
Isle Royale 2018
Lake Erie Islands 2015
Lake Jocassee 2021
Massasauga 2013
Nova Scotia 2016
Panache 2013
Rogue 2014 by Earl King
Tybee 2011
Reggie Baker Collection
Sprandel by Louganski

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