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Hoosier Canoe & Kayak Club

April Skipper Notes

April 06, 2022 8:56 AM | Jeff Stejskal (Administrator)

Skippers Note The other day I was driving down to Cincinnati for the Annual Cincy Paddle Swap, and asked my Mom to ride along with me. As I was driving I said to her, “How many times over the years have we driven down I-74 to go paddle somewhere?” She responded with a laugh and said to me “Too many times to count!” I just smiled and the memories of those trips started flooding in like when the Ocoee Dam opened. The memories I have of paddling in different places with my mom are ones I cherish. My point in telling you this is that paddling is a lifelong experience that you and your loved ones can share all your life. I was blessed to have parents that got me involved when I was 7 years old and I plan on paddling until I can no longer do it. The HCKC was formed by a few families that wanted to get out and paddle as a group. Over the years our club has expanded from that and continues to grow, spanning several disciplines and several different places. We continue the tradition of creating memories of paddling adventures. I hope you have and continue to create memories of your own and I hope they include paddling! I would confidently say that my adventures paddling are some of my most cherished ones - Are they for you? See you on the water John Gates

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