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SK Open Water Skills Camp

  • July 08, 2021
  • July 11, 2021
  • Van Buren State Park Michigan



Instructor: Nate Strong

We will meet Thursday evening and plan to paddle Friday, Saturday and Sunday Morning

* If you are interested in Camping for this weekend, you will need to make reservations soon as possible, campsites fill up quickly at these State Parks.

Description:  Lake Michigan offers the opportunity to kayak on an inland sea where conditions like wind, waves and surf are common.  This is an opportunity for paddlers to get experience paddling on a large, open body of water and in (limited) conditions that may be common there.  During paddles we will take advantage of opportunities for training and getting experience in paddling in whatever conditions we find.  This may include launching and landing in small waves/surf, paddling in wind/waves and paddling in (limited) breaking surf.  We will limit paddles on Lake Michigan to conditions of 1-2 foot waves and winds up to 15-20 knots.  Should conditions on Lake Michigan exceed our limits; paddles will be moved to the Black River in South Haven, or the Paw Paw River or St. Joseph River in Benton Harbor.  We may also do some on land training in the evenings covering various topics related to paddling and safety.

Participants should have some paddling experience and be comfortable in their kayaks.  Paddlers should expect to spend at least an hour in their kayaks at a time and be able to keep up with the group.  Spray skirts are required for paddling in surf, preferably neoprene, and helmets are recommended.  This is a great opportunity for paddlers to advance their skills and confidence in rougher conditions and prepare themselves for more advanced kayaking trips.  The goal is to take advantage of safe conditions to learn in and maybe find some more advanced conditions to practice in.

We will not be launching from Van Buren State Park as the carry is significant.  Our primary launch site on Lake Michigan will be at Deerlick Creek Park, a short drive North of Van Buren State Park.  We also have the option of launching from North or South Beach in South Haven, or Black River Park in South Haven.

What to bring:  This is an open water paddle.  Sea kayaks, kayaks 14’ or longer with fore and aft bulkheads and sealed hatches.  PFD, spray skirt (neoprene preferred), safety equipment (pump), and helmets are recommended for paddling in surf.  Also, drinking water, snacks, lunch, sun screen for paddling trips.

Covid Policy:
During all scheduled club activities, we will follow CDC and Local Mask and Social Distancing Guidelines.
Participants are expected to withdraw from the event if experiencing symptoms or if in a quarantine status

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