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SK: Fall Lake Monroe Overnight Trip

  • November 02, 2019
  • November 03, 2019
  • Cutright SRA, IN 446, Bloomington, IN

Preliminary Trip Information (Final out by 10/15)

Sea/Touring Kayak Trip Announcement

Annual Fall Lake Monroe Overnight                      
Sat.-Sun. November 2-3, 2019
Trip Sponsor:   Jim Sprandel

This is our annual fall pilgrimage and we will camp out on the peninsula across from Cutright Public Access Site.  The North and Middle Forks of Salt Creek will be closed but there is still a lot of Lake Monroe that we can explore such as the lake area down toward Patton Cave or up to the Pine Grove Ramp.   On Sunday, we can venture over onto the wild (West) side of the causeway.

If you only want to paddle on Saturday, join us during the day for the paddle – it is only a 2-mile paddle back to Cutright from where we camp if you don't want to stay overnight.

Meeting Place/Put-In: Cutright Public Access Area. Turn left into Cutright after you cross the causeway spanning Lake Monroe while going South on 446.  We will launch from the first ramp that you come to within Cutright.

Driving Note: THere is a home  Indiana Football game this weekend.  They have not announced game time yet.   Normally, this is a 1h40m drive from the Glendale area but football traffic could make this longer.  Hopefully, they'll announce game time before i need to send out final info..

Expected Paddling Conditions: Lake Monroe is a big lake and conditions vary with the weather.  Paddlers should feel comfortable paddling in 2-foot waves from all directions and be able to paddle up to 8-10 miles at a minimum of a 3 mph pace.  However, it’s usually not this severe so check Bloomington’s weather the week before the trip.  If you have a questions about probable conditions, call or e-mail me. 

Kayaks with fore and aft bulkheads and spray skirts are required. If the air/water temperature drops or the wind/waves kick up, wet suits or dry suits are strongly recommended.

What to Bring: Bring your paddling gear, spray skirt, camping gear, food for lunch, dinner, and breakfast, and appropriately warm dress.  You should also bring drinking water with you.

We will be camping from our kayaks and you will have to pack all your gear in your boat so plan accordingly.  

Be sure to have an Indiana DNR Boat Permit before you come since the DNR office and Paynetown SRA gate may not be open that Saturday.


Saturday 10:00 am Arrive at Cutright PAS   (10:30 am – Packed & ready to launch)  
We will probably paddle 3-4 miles, set up camp,
 have lunch, and then explore more of the lake.

Sunday:  We are flexible here.  We can return to Cutright as early as 10:00 am.  We as a group will figure out a plan Saturday night.  In the past, some people have gone straight back to Cutright and the rest go on from there for a bonus paddle.   I always like going over to the West side now but we will see what the group feels like.

Contact information:  Jim Sprandel, merlin-3d@sbcglobal.net
Please contact me by 7:00 pm on the
 Friday before the trip if you want to come.  Please contact me since I will monitor weather that week and will notify people if we need to adjust our plans

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