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SK: NWIPA-HCKC Lake Michigan New Buffalo-Mich.City Paddle

  • 01 Jul 2017
  • 02 Jul 2017
  • Michigan City, IN

Hoosier Canoe and Kayak Club and Northwest Indiana Paddling Association  invite you to join us for this great one-day paddle on Lake Michigan for intermediate and advanced sea kayakers. We're highlighting the features that make the Sunset Coast of Michiana a great segment of the Lake Michigan Water Trail for kayakers.

On Saturday, July 1st, we start our trip on the peaceful Galien River and winds through the Louis J. Sima Great Lakes Marsh Management Area. Continuing west along the scenic Lake Michigan shoreline along an established segment of the Lake Michigan Water Trail to Michigan City, we'll finish with a short run up historic Trail Creek to Hansen Park.

This paddle is for strong sea kayakers with some experience on open waters of Lake Michigan that can keep 3-4  mph pace for 15 miles. Most of this trip is on Lake Michigan, life jackets are mandatory, as is a kayak with water tight bulkheads. All paddlers will be asked to sign a waiver. Paddlers may wish to give a $5 donation to NWIPA.

A moderately challenging trip, this is a great opportunity to build experience with paddling in waves, negotiating heavy boat traffic, and enjoying the company of fellow paddlers.  This plan may be modified because of weather, water or group dynamics.

Camping Option
There is an optional camping spot at Dunbar Beach available Friday and Saturday night. You must RSVP no later than Thursday, June 29 to reserve the camp spot. For more info on Dunbar Beach camping and to RSVP contact Dan Plath at daniel_plath@nps.gov
Dunbar Beach, Beverly Shores, IN 46360  Map link here... 


Paddle Plan - Michiana Sunset Coast
Lake Michigan - New Buffalo to Michigan City – Sat, July 1, 2017

This plan may be modified because of weather, water or group dynamics

A. Paddle Route - Lake Michigan A sea kayak paddle of 10 miles along the Lake Michigan Water Trail requiring an appropriate sea kayak and reliable Big Lake kayaking skills plus 5 miles of river paddling on gentle streams. This is a team paddle, as a participant you are expected to adjust to the pace of your team and to Keep in Sight of Each Other till All are back on land. Paddle Break Mm 3 New Buffalo Beach and Mm 9 Long Beach. FYI – Washington Park Beach Mm13.
Link to Paddle Route www.usatf.org/routes/view.asp?rID=480854
Launch - Galien River - DNR Public Access Site (PAS) – On Red Arrow Hwy north of I-94 Exit 4 - New Buffalo MI
Take Out - Trail Creek - Hansen Park PAS 240 East Street - Michigan City IN    
Two Paddle Teams - Lancers launch 1st, paddle at 4 mph. Voyageurs launch 2nd, paddle at 3 mph.

B. Paddle Time Line (Times EDS / CDS)
   10:00 / 09:00 am - Meet for Shuttle @ Red Arrow PAS
   10:15 / 09:15 - Caravan to Stage Vehicles at Take Outs, return to launch site
   10:55 / 09:55 - Safety Review at launch
   11:00 / 10:00 - Start Paddle
    03:00 / 02:00 – ETA – Voyageurs at Long Beach
    05:00 / 04:00 - ETA - Lancers at Hansen Park

C. Paddle Plan Contacts
   Coordinator - Kyak Kenneth   TillWeDance@acd.net   269.330.1040
   HCC Coordinator – Jim Sprandel merlin-3d@sbcglobal.net

D. Paddle Planning Comments
1. Shuttle  Participants are responsible for transporting themselves and their boats. Car pooling & shuttling help alleviate parking limitations. Joining the caravan prior to the paddle facilitates staging vehicles at take out & shuttling drivers back to put in. After the paddle, drivers will be shuttled back to the put in to obtain their vehicles.
2. There May be Parking & Access Fees at some public access sites
3. BBL - Bring Your Own Brown Bag Lunch, Snacks & Drinking Water as desired.
4. Please Notify a Coordinator, if you plan to participate.

E. Sunday Paddle
1. For those that wish to participate there will be a shorter loop paddle Sunday July 2 out of Dunbar Beach. Sea kayaks with adequate flotation required, as well as PFDs.
2. Schedule and route tbd by those present.

Paddle SAFE
1. Risk Assessment - Your “GoNoGo Decision” should be based on the weather, the water, your skills, your training and your experience with the understanding that:
     a. You are engaging in an activity with inherent dangers,
     b. You accept & acknowledge you are participating at your own risk, and
     c. You are responsible for your own safety and to use your own judgment.
2. Always Wear a Fully Secured Pfd while on the water, for your safety and safety of the group.
3. Avoid Conditions & Situations Beyond Your Abilities or physical & emotional strength.
4. Dress for Water Temp & Immersion. Cold Water – wear wet/dry suit.
5. Paddle with Others  –  Each participant is responsible that we Stay Together  -  
Using either a Team Paddle or a Group Paddle Format. Be Trained to help each other
6. Big Lake Paddles require a reliable self rescue, the ability to paddle in 2-4 ft waves, using a sea worthy kayak 15 ft or longer with deck lines & watertight bulkheads, carry appropriate safety equipment and be able to paddle at a rate of 3 mph



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