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Upcoming events

    • April 03, 2019
    • November 27, 2019
    • 30 sessions
    • Thatcher Recreation Center 4649 W. Vermont St. Indianapolis, IN 46222

    HCKC Pool Sessions

    To Sign Up:  Contact Dave Ellis to make sure that some one who you can work with will be there.

    Wednesday Evening Pool Session - 7 PM to 9 PM From Wednesday, April 3, 2019 through Wednesday, Nov. 27th, 2019

    These pool sessions are focused on skill refinement and individual practice for  whitewater kayakers,  whitewater and open canoeists, recreational kayakers, and sea kayakers - seeking to practice bracing, rolling, open water reentries, etc.   The pool is also popular with freestyle play boaters who want to learn flat water moves such as cartwheels, squirts and stalls and with sea kayakers wanting to refine their roll or work on open water rescues.  It is also a great place to meet other paddlers, find out about upcoming trips, and try out different boats and paddles. Participants often go out for refreshments afterwards.

    Pool sessions are held at:

    Thatcher Recreation Center
    4649 W. Vermont St.
    Indianapolis, IN 46222


    • Participants must sign in each session and pay $10.00 per family per session to cover pool rental.
    • Please make certain your boat is clean and free of debris inside and out before bringing it into the pool.
    • First time participants must check-in with the pool coordinator before entering the pool.
    • Participants must be able to swim.
    • Participants must have the ability to self-rescue (wet exit at a minimum). 
    • First time visitors must demonstrate this ability.
    • Participation is restricted to HCKC members and their one-time guests.
    • Participants must maintain control of their boats and equipment at all times.
    • Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
    • There will be no swimming or diving.
    • Participants are expected to be courteous and safety conscious at all times.
    • Indy Park Rules require that no one or their equipment is allowed on the pool deck before the designated start time and that all boats and gear must be removed from the pool deck promptly at the designated end time.

    • October 18, 2019
    • October 20, 2019
    • Land between the Lakes, Kentucky

    Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, Kentucky

    October 18-20

    Trip Sponsors: Linda Decker & Jim Heichelbech

    We are just returning from a scouting trip to LBL.  This huge recreation area has 300 miles of undeveloped shoreline, newly developed Water Trails, abundant wildlife, designated birding spots with 30 pairs of nesting eagles, diverse camping opportunities, an elk & bison refuge, rich history and interesting shorelines. Fall colors should be at a peak during our event.  

    Camping: We will stay in a primitive camping area called Pisgah Point. The only charge for each camper is $7.00 for a 3- night Basic Permit (can be obtained online, Welcome Station or at Gate of Hillman Ferry Campground). This location has a parking area, boat ramp, pit toilet and is a short walk-in to wooded campsites suitable for tent or hammocks. There are no picnic tables. Showers, water, ice & supplies are available at a campground 15 min away. 

    Itinerary:  Arrival & departure day and time is optional based on your availability.

    Thursday October 17     Arrive and set up camp

    Friday October 18          Lake Barkley: Taylor Bay to Honker Bay Woodland Nature                                            Watch Area (10 mile round trip paddle)

    In Honker Bay refuge area we can do a 2 mile (each way) woodland hike to the Woodlands Nature Watch Station & historical ruins of the Center furnace in the Hermatite Community  

    Saturday October 19      Kentucky Lake: Campsite Launch to Duncan Bay Refuge Area (12+ miles)

    Early launch for Eagle Watch. We can explore the bays and shoreline Evening: Visit the Elk & Bison Prairie. This time of year the elk have massive racks and can be heard bugling

    Sunday October 20         Optional Day

    • ·        Paddle- Launch from campsite and explore North Kentucky Lake
    • ·        Hiking trails: Canal Loop Trails Variety of Loops 1-11miles
    • ·        Kentucky Dam & Locks and Visitor Center
    • ·        1850’s Working Farm
    • ·        Golden Pond Planetarium
    • ·        Elk & Bison Prairie

    Directions:  Enter Land Between the Lakes from the North Route 24 to 453. 453 becomes 100 as you enter LBL. Turn on 111 and follow Signs to Pisgah Point Camping Area (gravel road).

    Equipment:                     Standard kayak safety equipment.

    Skill Level:                        Able to paddle above distances with possible wind.

    Current Forecast:           Daytime High – Low 70s Nighttime Low- Low 50s

    Updates will be sent prior to trip

     Questions or Register:   Register On HCKC site or contact Linda Decker   lsdecker@att.net

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    • November 02, 2019
    • November 03, 2019
    • Cutright SRA, IN 446, Bloomington, IN

    Preliminary Trip Information (Final out by 10/15)

    Sea/Touring Kayak Trip Announcement

    Annual Fall Lake Monroe Overnight                      
    Sat.-Sun. November 2-3, 2019
    Trip Sponsor:   Jim Sprandel

    This is our annual fall pilgrimage and we will camp out on the peninsula across from Cutright Public Access Site.  The North and Middle Forks of Salt Creek will be closed but there is still a lot of Lake Monroe that we can explore such as the lake area down toward Patton Cave or up to the Pine Grove Ramp.   On Sunday, we can venture over onto the wild (West) side of the causeway.

    If you only want to paddle on Saturday, join us during the day for the paddle – it is only a 2-mile paddle back to Cutright from where we camp if you don't want to stay overnight.

    Meeting Place/Put-In: Cutright Public Access Area. Turn left into Cutright after you cross the causeway spanning Lake Monroe while going South on 446.  We will launch from the first ramp that you come to within Cutright.

    Driving Note: THere is a home  Indiana Football game this weekend.  They have not announced game time yet.   Normally, this is a 1h40m drive from the Glendale area but football traffic could make this longer.  Hopefully, they'll announce game time before i need to send out final info..

    Expected Paddling Conditions: Lake Monroe is a big lake and conditions vary with the weather.  Paddlers should feel comfortable paddling in 2-foot waves from all directions and be able to paddle up to 8-10 miles at a minimum of a 3 mph pace.  However, it’s usually not this severe so check Bloomington’s weather the week before the trip.  If you have a questions about probable conditions, call or e-mail me. 

    Kayaks with fore and aft bulkheads and spray skirts are required. If the air/water temperature drops or the wind/waves kick up, wet suits or dry suits are strongly recommended.

    What to Bring: Bring your paddling gear, spray skirt, camping gear, food for lunch, dinner, and breakfast, and appropriately warm dress.  You should also bring drinking water with you.

    We will be camping from our kayaks and you will have to pack all your gear in your boat so plan accordingly.  

    Be sure to have an Indiana DNR Boat Permit before you come since the DNR office and Paynetown SRA gate may not be open that Saturday.


    Saturday 10:00 am Arrive at Cutright PAS   (10:30 am – Packed & ready to launch)  
    We will probably paddle 3-4 miles, set up camp,
     have lunch, and then explore more of the lake.

    Sunday:  We are flexible here.  We can return to Cutright as early as 10:00 am.  We as a group will figure out a plan Saturday night.  In the past, some people have gone straight back to Cutright and the rest go on from there for a bonus paddle.   I always like going over to the West side now but we will see what the group feels like.

    Contact information:  Jim Sprandel, merlin-3d@sbcglobal.net
    Please contact me by 7:00 pm on the
     Friday before the trip if you want to come.  Please contact me since I will monitor weather that week and will notify people if we need to adjust our plans

Past events

October 05, 2019 SK: Ohio River Day Paddle
September 28, 2019 Eagle Creek Shore-Line Clean-Up
September 22, 2019 Fall Creek Clean Up!
September 15, 2019 SK: Beaver Island, Michigan
September 06, 2019 SK: South Manitou Island - Lake Michigan
September 02, 2019 FOLLOW UP: Raccoon Creek Clean Up Part 2
August 24, 2019 Kayaking Skills Clinic - August
August 18, 2019 SK: Sault Ste Marie, Mich. I Option for Pict. Rocks Trip
August 17, 2019 Go Girl Triathlon
August 11, 2019 SK: Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and Grand Island, MI
August 10, 2019 Eagle Creek Sprint Triathlon - August
August 04, 2019 SK: "Paddle the Wild Side" Lake Monroe Paddle
August 01, 2019 Temporary Pool Session Gustafson Park
July 27, 2019 SK: Geist Reservoir Paddle
July 26, 2019 All: ROCK the Yough
July 20, 2019 Kayaking Skills Clinic - July
July 20, 2019 FW/SK: Cataract Falls Full Moon Paddle
July 13, 2019 Eagle Creek Sprint Triathlon - July
July 12, 2019 SK: Sea Kayak Training Weekend, Warren Dune, Lake Mich.
June 29, 2019 SK CANCELED (NWIPA) - New Buffalo-Michigan City Paddle Weekend
June 21, 2019 SK: Summer Solstice Weekend-Lake Mich., Grand Haven, MI
June 15, 2019 SK: Hardy Lake
June 08, 2019 Eagle Creek Sprint Triathlon - June
June 07, 2019 SK: South Bass Rendezvous Festival (Non-HCKC Event)
June 04, 2019 Eagle Creek
June 01, 2019 SK: Clinic and Practice Session - Open Water Rescue
May 17, 2019 CK and SK: Summit Lake Full Moon Paddle and Optional Weekend Camping
May 11, 2019 Kayaking Skills Clinic - May
May 04, 2019 SK: Brookville Reservoir Paddle
April 27, 2019 Training: ACA L3-L4 Swiftwater Rescue Course (2-Day)
April 27, 2019 SK: Lake Monroe Spring Overnight Paddle
April 20, 2019 SK: Cagles Mill (Cataract Falls) Highwater Trip
April 08, 2019 SK: South Carolina/Georgia Paddle
April 05, 2019 SK: Seabrook Island South Carolina Training
March 23, 2019 CK/SK: Annual Summit Lake Spring Paddle
March 17, 2019 Pool Session: East Race Whitewater Club (Northern IN)
March 03, 2019 Pool Session: East Race Whitewater Club (Northern IN)
February 17, 2019 Pool Session: East Race Whitewater Club (Northern IN)
February 03, 2019 Pool Session: East Race Whitewater Club (Northern IN)
January 26, 2019 Pool Session: East Race Whitewater Club (Northern IN)
January 06, 2019 Pool Session: East Race Whitewater Club (Northern IN)
November 24, 2018 HCKC Pool Sessions
November 10, 2018 HCKC Annual Meeting
November 03, 2018 SK: Lake Monroe Fall Overnight
October 27, 2018 All: Eagle Creek Shore-Line Clean-Up
October 20, 2018 Pirate Paddle and Party!
October 12, 2018 SK: Grayson Lake Fall Overnight
October 07, 2018 SK: Ohio River Ghost Ship Paddle
September 22, 2018 SK: Ohio River Overnight
September 07, 2018 SK: South Manitou Island - Lake Michigan
September 01, 2018 SK: Kayak Brookville Lake Summer Paddle
August 25, 2018 FW/SK: Cataract Falls Full Moon Paddle
August 18, 2018 FW/SK: Kayaking Skills Clinic
August 04, 2018 SK: Apostle Island Adventure
July 29, 2018 FW/SK: Summit Lake Day Paddle
July 28, 2018 FW/SK: Kayaking Skills Clinic (July)
July 15, 2018 SK: Lake Champlain Vermont/New York
July 10, 2018 Eagle Creek Tuesday Evening Paddles
June 30, 2018 ALL: 4th of July Trip on the Youghiogheny
June 30, 2018 SK: NWIPA New Buffalo to Michigan City Paddle
June 23, 2018 FW/SK: Kayaking Skills Clinic
June 17, 2018 Canceled due to high heat HCKC Boat Demo and Open House
June 16, 2018 (copy) Eagle Creek Sprint Triathlon
June 16, 2018 SK: Kalamazoo River and Lake Michigan Trip
June 09, 2018 Volunteers need for HCKC booth at Outdoor Explore in Lafayette
June 08, 2018 SK: South Bass Rendezvous
June 02, 2018 SK: Clinic and Practice Session - Open Water Rescue
May 26, 2018 Save the Boundary Waters, Holliday Park Presentation, Book signings
May 26, 2018 FW/SK: Kayaking Skills Clinic
May 19, 2018 SK: Lake Erie Paddle
May 05, 2018 SK: Cagles Mill (Cataract Falls) Highwater Trip
April 27, 2018 Seabrook Island South Carolina Weekend Training
April 22, 2018 SK: South Carolina Trip
April 07, 2018 SK:Lake Monroe Spring Overnight Paddle
March 31, 2018 March 31 Ice Falls Trip (Canceled)
March 18, 2018 Goose Pond Birding Exploration Paddle
March 17, 2018 FW/SK: Annual Summit Lake Spring Solstice Celebration Trip
March 09, 2018 Canoecopia
February 17, 2018 CPR/AED/Wilderness First Aid Class
February 16, 2018 National Paddling Film Festival
January 21, 2018 Trip Planning Meeting
November 25, 2017 Pool Session.
November 11, 2017 HCKC Annual Member Meeting
November 05, 2017 Mississinewa Seven Pillars
November 04, 2017 SK: Lake Monroe Fall Overnight Trip
October 14, 2017 SK: Lake Patoka Overnight Trip
October 07, 2017 FW/SK: Eagle Creek Full Moon Paddle
September 30, 2017 Eagle Creek Clean-Up
September 30, 2017 ACA L4 Swiftwater Rescue Class
September 23, 2017 SK: Ohio River from Tanner's Creek
September 08, 2017 SK: Sleeping Bear Dune - Manitou Island Trip (3-day or 6-day trip)
August 19, 2017 Solar Eclipse Paddle Expedition
August 19, 2017 FW/SK: Kayaking Skills Clinic
August 05, 2017 SK: Apostle Islands Sea Kayak Adventure
July 22, 2017 SK: Lake Monroe "It's Actually Warm" Overnight Trip
July 16, 2017 FW/SK: Kayaking Skills Clinic
July 15, 2017 Eagle Creek Sprint Triathlon
July 08, 2017 FW/SK: Cataract Falls Full Moon Paddle
July 01, 2017 SK: NWIPA-HCKC Lake Michigan New Buffalo-Mich.City Paddle
June 27, 2017 Fly Fishing 101
June 25, 2017 SK: Lake Monroe Day Trip
June 24, 2017 FW/SK: Kayaking Skills Clinic
June 17, 2017 SK: Clinic and Practice Session - Open Water Rescue
June 04, 2017 SK: Potomac / Chesapeake Bay Trip
May 27, 2017 SK: Hardy Lake Paddle
May 20, 2017 FW/SK: Kayaking Skills Clinic
May 19, 2017 FW/SK: CincyPaddler Grayson Lake Trip
May 13, 2017 SK: Cagles Mill (Cataract Falls) Highwater Trip
April 22, 2017 Cincy Paddlers Annual Spring Swap Meet
April 21, 2017 SK: East Coast Sea Kayak Symposium/South Carolina Trip
April 15, 2017 FW/SK: Westwood Lake Paddle
April 01, 2017 April Fools on Big Pine 40th Anniversary Paddle
April 01, 2017 SK: Lake Monroe Spring Overnight Paddle
March 29, 2017 Reel Paddling Film Festival Tour: Chicago, IL
March 23, 2017 Reel Paddling Film Festival Tour: Dayton OH
March 19, 2017 FW/SK: Summit Lake First of Spring Paddle
March 10, 2017 All: Canoecopia
March 05, 2017 Pool Session with South Bend Adventure CLub
February 18, 2017 Pool Session with South Bend Adventure CLub
January 21, 2017 Trip Planning Meeting
December 03, 2016 Pool Session
November 12, 2016 HCKC Annual Meeting and Dinner
August 17, 2016 Pool Session
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