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HCKC Sea Kayak Calendar 
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Year: 2017

1January, 2017
Jan 07 Pool Session
Jan 14 Pool Session
Jan 21 Pool Session
Jan 21 Trip Planning Meeting
Jan 28 Pool Session
Feb 04 Pool Session
Feb 11 Pool Session
Feb 18 Pool Session with South Bend Adventure CLub
Feb 18 Pool Session
Feb 25 Pool Session
Mar 04 Pool Session
Mar 05 Pool Session with South Bend Adventure CLub
Mar 10 All: Canoecopia
Mar 11 Pool Session
Mar 18 Pool Session
Mar 19 FW/SK: Summit Lake First of Spring Paddle
Mar 23 Reel Paddling Film Festival Tour: Dayton OH
Mar 25 Pool Session
Mar 29 Reel Paddling Film Festival Tour: Chicago, IL
Apr 01 SK: Lake Monroe Spring Overnight Paddle
Apr 01 April Fools on Big Pine 40th Anniversary Paddle
Apr 05 Pool Session.
Apr 12 Pool Session.
Apr 15 FW/SK: Westwood Lake Paddle
Apr 19 Pool Session.
Apr 21 SK: East Coast Sea Kayak Symposium/South Carolina Trip
Apr 22 Cincy Paddlers Annual Spring Swap Meet
Apr 26 Pool Session.
May 03 Pool Session.
May 10 Pool Session.
May 13 SK: Cagles Mill (Cataract Falls) Highwater Trip
May 17 Pool Session.
May 19 FW/SK: CincyPaddler Grayson Lake Trip
May 20 FW/SK: Kayaking Skills Clinic
May 24 Pool Session.
May 27 SK: Hardy Lake Paddle
May 31 Pool Session.
Jun 04 SK: Potomac / Chesapeake Bay Trip
Jun 07 Pool Session.
Jun 14 Pool Session.
Jun 17 SK: Clinic and Practice Session - Open Water Rescue
Jun 21 Pool Session.
Jun 24 FW/SK: Kayaking Skills Clinic
Jun 25 SK: Lake Monroe Day Trip
Jun 27 Fly Fishing 101
Jun 28 Pool Session.
Jul 01 SK: NWIPA-HCKC Lake Michigan New Buffalo-Mich.City Paddle
Jul 05 Pool Session.
Jul 08 FW/SK: Cataract Falls Full Moon Paddle
Jul 12 Pool Session.
Jul 15 Eagle Creek Sprint Triathlon
Jul 16 FW/SK: Kayaking Skills Clinic
Jul 19 Pool Session.
Jul 22 SK: Lake Monroe "It's Actually Warm" Overnight Trip
Jul 26 Pool Session.
Aug 02 Pool Session.
Aug 05 SK: Apostle Islands Sea Kayak Adventure
Aug 09 Pool Session.
Aug 16 Pool Session.
Aug 19 Solar Eclipse Paddle Expedition
Aug 19 FW/SK: Kayaking Skills Clinic
Aug 23 Pool Session.
Aug 30 Pool Session.
Sep 06 Pool Session.
Sep 08 SK: Sleeping Bear Dune - Manitou Island Trip (3-day or 6-day trip)
Sep 13 Pool Session.
Sep 20 Pool Session.
Sep 23 SK: Ohio River from Tanner's Creek
Sep 27 Pool Session.
Sep 30 ACA L4 Swiftwater Rescue Class
Sep 30 Eagle Creek Clean-Up
Oct 04 Pool Session.
Oct 07 FW/SK: Eagle Creek Full Moon Paddle
Oct 11 Pool Session.
Oct 14 SK: Lake Patoka Overnight Trip
Oct 18 Pool Session.
Oct 25 Pool Session.
Nov 01 Pool Session.
Nov 04 SK: Lake Monroe Fall Overnight Trip
Nov 05 Mississinewa Seven Pillars
Nov 08 Pool Session.
Nov 11 HCKC Annual Member Meeting
Nov 15 Pool Session.
Nov 22 Pool Session.
Nov 25 Pool Session.
Dec 02 Pool Session.
Dec 09 Pool Session.
Dec 16 Pool Session.
Dec 23 Pool Session.
Dec 30 Pool Session.
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